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Financial Controlling

Profit and cash availability will result only if you have a good financial control. Financial Control means:

  • SKnow where you are at any time from a profit and cash perspective.
  • Planning where you are going through the use of budgets and other tools.
  • Ensuring you reach where you plan to go through regular financial repots that monitor your progress.
  • Our knowledge of accounting and the problems of the hotel, require us to to make decisions. These decisions can be improved by using various types of accounting information.

    The accounting information produced can be used to measure current performance against the objectives set, as the achievement of a desired percentage of labor costs in relation to turnover. Analyze sales and cost trends to make more efficient the plans regarding future performance and that of sales and costs.

    Helping in the production of accounting information to track forecasting strategies that you can use in future periods to meet your financial goals. In other words, financial forecasting can provide a profit plan for the future.