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Doni Hotels offers a team of experts for better strategic planning of your hotel business. A series of guidelines used to set the subsequent concrete actions to achieve the objective laid down by company, where is not a sole choice but is part of a process of organizational learning and adaptation to the environment.

Our experience and the results obtained in various hotel contexts, both by type of structure or location, place us at the top to propose the Best Practice. The determination of the Bid Price by calculating Breakeven, the process of benchmarking and the competitive intelligence, from marketing mix, to the process of pricing and the revenue management.

Our mission: use the right method.

he owners or the hotel managers are not always fully in control of their activities, sometimes this is due to their inability to find the tools that can use their balance sheets to guide them to improve their performance management.

Pricing your room is really a marketing tool that can be effectively used to improve profitability. The dilemma is often a matter of finding the balance between prices and profits: the rates should be determined only after considering the effect they have on profits.

Our experience: Tactical Pricing, a logical approach to pricing.

Elasticity of demand - cost structure - the analysis of competitiveness - the differentiation of the product.

These are situations that we face every day :

Reacting to short-run changes in rates made by competitors

Knowing how much to increase rates to compensate for an increase in costs

Knowing how much rate increases can be justified to compensate for renovations made to your premises.

Adjusting rates to reach a new market segment.

Knowing how to discount rates in the off season to attract business