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Hotel Management

Business profitability has fallen in many businesses hotel, due to causes of a twofold nature.

External causes such as enlargement of the competition with the market entry of new competitors and the stagnant market demand s and therefore a downward pressure on prices and margins...
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Financial Controlling

Profit and cash availability will result only if you have a good financial control. Financial Control means :

Know where you are at any time from a profit and cash perspective.

Planning where you are going through the use of budgets and other tools...
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Start Up_

Doni Hotels offers a team of experts for better strategic planning of your hotel business.

A series of guidelines used to set the subsequent concrete actions to achieve the objective laid down by company, where is not a sole choice but is part of a process of ...
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Who we are

The Doni Hotels group was born in 2004, from a need for arose by long-term management of two hotels of our property of the Best Western chain in the city of Milan, where the increase in competition, it makes more and more the need to optimize the use of company resources with the intent to improve profitability. We have always...
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